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Здравствуйте все. Я надеюсь, что это правильный раздел для публикации. Я добавил 4 фотографии на страницу своего профиля, но я вижу только 3 из них, когда смотрю на страницу. Все ли они должны быть одобрены или что-то еще, прежде чем их можно увидеть? Спасибо.

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Apologies for writing in English. My Russian is really bad.

I'm 31, 178cm (height not cock size ;) and 78kg. I also fast and athletic.

I have been living in Mosocw for one year now, and I am here to stay. However, I am currently single, and I am on the lookout for love, although I am not in a rush.

I'm not a big believer in having one sex partner, for females and for males. I'm not saying that I need to get into a swinger lifestyle with someone immediately, but I would like to know that a possibility exists.

I know that I can use normal dating sites, but I think most people would never be open to these ideas, even with time.

Anyway, if anybody would like to chat to me on whatsapp, telephone etc. we can see how things go and take it from there. Obviously, I also have lots of photos of myself that I can send.

Have a good weekend everybody.

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Apologies, my Russian is very bad.

I'm and English guy who has been living in Moscow, for almost a year now.

While, I love living in Moscow, I miss meeting couples and clubs in England. I used to miss the excitement, and I think the more the merrier.

I want to try and get into this in Moscow. E.g. Find a like minded lady or couple)

Any advice for me?